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Title: Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Corpus using Capsule Network
Authors: DILAN, P.D.M.
Keywords: Capsule network
Deep learning
Sentiment analysis
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2021
Abstract: Twitter is one of the popular social media among people in recent years. Most people use it as an express opinion and view of their for regarding situation or matter. Because of this Twitter has significant value and interest on opinion mining and business and product marketing peoples. To achieve this goal sentiment analysis has used. Machine learning has recently gained success and popularity for sentiment analysis. So many machine learning approaches have emerged for sentiment analysis and got success. The newly emerging concept of deep learning is capsule network. This approach is emerging from convolutional neural networks. And it has overcome many problems that have carried with a convolutional neural network. Capsule network has considered as a new era of deep learning. This paper proposes a capsule network model to do sentiment analysis on Twitter data. And this model is compared with other few deep learning models to get better oversight on the proposed model. Purpose of this paper is to expose the capsule network model to do sentiment analysis on Twitter data and show the results and behaviors of the capsule network on sentiment analysis.
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