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Title: Smart Home: Enhanced Home Automation based on Internet of Things (IoT)
Authors: Amaranatha, E.A.S.S.
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2021
Abstract: The word “Smart” has become a regularly used term in the Information Technology in present. Staring with smart phones, it is now has extended to a number of areas such as smart automobiles, smart health care, smart schools, smart pens as well as smart homes. Smart home is the concept of an automated house where almost everything, especially electronic appliances can be controlled using a set of connected devices. Most of nowadays smart homes are fixated on static rule-based environment where the user behaviors are no significant relevance to the said smart home automation system. In this study, a home automation system is proposed which is not only functioning on a set of rules but also in which the user actions are also considered. With the combination of smart devices and machine learning, a smart home approach is suggested where the user actions are recorded and analyzed to predict future events which related to the preferences of the user. The smart home is to learn and adopt to user’s behavior
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