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Title: Accelerate Selling to Zebras selling process using machine learning techniques
Authors: Sumanarathne, E.U. I
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2021
Abstract: Sales opportunity outcome prediction is the foundation for effective and productive sales management. Selling is easy if sales people can identify prospects who is willing to buy from them. Selling to zebras is a proven methodology for complex sales process which implemented as an application as well. This method could identify prospects which are best fit for an organization. So that, the organizations don’t need to waste time on prospect that are not fit for them. The Selling to Zebras has sales stages which represented the state of a sales opportunity. Besides from that, Selling to Zebras method uses a scoring method call zebra scoring to identify qualifying deals. Sale opportunities which have higher zebra score considered as opportunities that the sales people should pay more attention. This research proposed a method which uses machine learning techniques with Selling to Zebras data set to predict sales opportunities outcome. The proposed method uses a machine learning driven classification model to predict the outcome. In summary, based on the predicted result sales people can detect the most potential opportunities in their pipeline. Then they can apply selling to zebras methodology on that. The research demonstrates the applicable machine learning method on anonymized data set provided by Selling to Zebras Inc.
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