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Authors: Jayakody, D. G. N.
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2021
Abstract: NDB Securities is a well reputed financial company in Sri Lanka which is a subsidiary of NDB bank. Mainly, The Company focuses on a securities exchange (stockbroker) and other investment needs of the customers to provide the best service to them. Hence, the investment field is highly competitive and challenging, and it is necessary to deliver value-added services to preserve their existing customers as well as attract new customers. Further, efficient process and procedures need to establish by stratifying above services. To achieve the requirement, the company has expanded with introducing many solutions and services to clients. Implementing this project will help the individual investor to track their investment and analyses the portfolio for the current market trend. In addition to that, this will enable the right investments decisions to gain the maximum profit form the investment; thus, it will lead to an inflow of foreign and local funds to the Sri Lankan economy. To achieve the above objectives, the NDB Securities IT department has decided to introduce the several systems to overcome the manual process and procedures with the improvement of efficiently and accurately. This project will lower the operational cost of the company with easy and secure access to its data. This projected software solution is a web-based system that delivers a better graphical user environment to the end user. The dashboard is cooperative and summarizes with necessary details to provide quick investment decisions and other tasks more easily with the help of summary turnover, gain/loss, and portfolio holdings. The system developed as a web-based system that involves the core as PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) which is an HTML-embedded web scripting language. MySQL that is an open source database system has been used for store and retrieve the data. The Rapid Application Development Model is used for system development lifecycle, which is most suitable for developing this kind of systems. After beta testing completed, the portfolio management software will be commencing the live operation on NDB Securities.
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