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Title: E-Commerce Platform for Pharmaceutical Trade (iMedic)
Authors: Perera, J.K.T.S.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) involves selling and buying services and goods via the internet, as the technology is enhanced more businesses are conducting E-commerce transactions to gain competition advantage. Even with technological development in Sri Lanka it is hard to find medical stream getting involve into E-Commerce by identifying the benefits they can achieve. As a result of that customer interaction with the medical stores or pharmacies always happens in physically. The purpose of this project is to provide E-Commerce platform for pharmaceutical trade from exploiting E-Commerce to their competitive advantage. This project was undertaken because drugstore pharmacies have failed to gain advantage of ECommerce. Thus, this research is important because there is little information about pharmacies and E-Commerce in drugstore and this project provides a way to create an E-commerce platform for Pharmaceutical trade. By the help of this project customer will be able to search and buy the medicine from anywhere as per the requirements and delivery of the order will be done to their home. This project is an evolution in the medical drug shopping, it minimizes the effort and save the time to buy the medicine. Current functionality of order management is semi-automated through the designed system due to the Sri Lankan legal framework and the complexity of the context.
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