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Title: Online Job Portal
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: Online Job Portal is a website oriented human resources management system, managed by multicultural and highly educated professionals in Sri Lanka. The main objective of this website is to provide recruitment services to the public, individuals and companies. Online Job Portal is providing demanded jobs to fulfilling specific skills and job profiles that are currently in demand in the Local and other International markets. The proposed system has designed and developed using structural system analysis design methodology life cycle. The development of the proposed system uses the open-source programming framework to further development and developed functional requirements. This has designed with interactive features to be effective. The efficient outcome will fulfill requirements of the job hunters and job providers with high demand in the recruitment process. The online job portal system is created using the RawPHP Framework platform, having Apache web server as the server environment, PHP scripting language as the development language and MySQL as the database management system. The System is attached with many online recruitment functions and other regular functions, such as User Registration, Management of Job Post, Job Search, Add Skill, Viewing applied jobs, Find Employer, Resumes management, Scheduling interviews, Skill Search, and more. It also includes high-end skill testing functions for the selected employee which facilitates an authentic candidate profile sorting process.
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