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Title: Supplier Relationship Management System for Brandix Essentials (Pvt) Ltd
Authors: Prematilake, K. D. C. K.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: Brandix Essentials (Pvt) Ltd, is in contracted manufacturing of apparel for world famous brands. It should deal with 150 suppliers for its business of US$ 250 M per annum. The suppliers who supply Raw Material are critical to a flawless execution due to the very strict specification of the Raw Material and ever narrowing lead times. Hence it is of paramount importance to maintain a strong and active relationship with the suppliers in order to ensure proper delivery and fulfillment of Purchase Orders. The relationship is maintained by communicating and interaction via face to face meeting or phone calls. The current problem supply chain team faces are that there is no system to track status, the above interactions and measure health of the relationship that is maintained with the suppliers. The objective of the project is to develop a system that enables to build a database of contact relationship from both supplier and Brandix Essentials Supply Chain team. System should also be able to record the completion of each interaction and the outcome. So that at any given moment management team can assess the status/health of the relationship with the key suppliers. Development of the system was done according to the agreed System Requirement Specification and testing. The system is implemented as a web based system running on IIS7 using DotNet while data will be maintained in a Microsoft Sequel Server database. Telerik controls were used in development framework for User Interfaces and reporting. Overall a positive feedback is received and user have suggested couple of changes as well. Head of Supply Chain is now able to see how many interactions were planned per week per team member and the status of completion together with notes related to the interaction. A dashboard shows the health of the relationship of each contact point of each supplier. Hence it can be concluded that the objectives were achieved.
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