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Title: The Leave Management System for SL Navy
Authors: PEIRIS, K.H.K.S.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: As a differently located military organization in Sri Lanka; Sri Lanka Navy requires automated information system for handling of leave of officers. The Current system is manual and leave form is paper based and use Microsoft office package for data storing. This process is very time consuming and it make staff extra work as well as manually applying leave and approval process is taking so long process because the approval persons may in different locations. Automating above manual process is essential for Sri Lanka Navy and the author has gained an opportunity to build up an automated information system called as called “Leave management System” which will be helpful in naval operational work. It is prepared with specific with rules, procedures of Sri Lanka Navy and aimed to be in work in effective and efficient manner. The technology background of the automated system is consisting with Dot Net background and there are lots of features have been used from ASP.NET framework. In the analysis and design of the system, it includes description about the user requirements, functional designing of new system and non-functional designing of the new system including flow chart, use-case diagram and database designing of the system. Apart from that, the development practices the author has included a proper Quality Assurance process, user training sessions, and demonstration to improve the benefits of the system. An information system is an imperative requirement which is directly affect customer satisfactions and the business progress. Therefore, it is essential to establish and enforce a proper system that will serve as a tool in utilizing processes in the most efficient manner.
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