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Title: Information System for Riyotop Service Center
Authors: Navarathna, N.M.T.R.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: Riyotop (pvt) Ltd has been established as an automotive services supplying company in Kurunegala, started its operations in 2015. Traditional business model of Riyotop is based on giving vehicle services and maintaining vehicles in Kurunegala area. After two years’ time it has been established its name as the biggest vehicle service center in the area. Managing such a Service Station manually needs lots of paper work and it could create problems such as data redundancy, data inaccuracy, and difficulty to keep the track of the previous service information and customers. The developed Information System for Riyotop Service Center is helpful to overcome the problems and difficulties which were created by the manual system. This system is helpful to store and manage all service information, generate relevant reports and invoices, keep track of the past records/customers, track and monitor monthly income, mange all inventories and employee data. And system will be allowed to use different user levels. So only authorized people can add, view or change the data of the system. The system will be implemented as a web based system using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Unified Modeling Language (UML) is used for the analysis and design phases of the project. The development environment was created using XAMPP with Apache server and MySQL database server. On top of that WordPress was installed. For implementing the functionality exiting WordPress plugins were used and PHP language was used with Atom Text Editor to implement the custom-made functionalities. The project completed successfully with the requested functionalities resulting the Riyotop Service Center to manage the business effectively by overcoming the difficulties made by the manual system.
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