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Title: Point of Sale and Stock Management System for Wathumal Traders (PVT), Ltd.
Authors: NANDASENA, W.A.S.C.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: Any shop or a market place needs a proper Point of Sale (POS) and Stock Management System, since manual managing of stocks is considered to be a very difficult task. Mishandling of stock could lead to dire consequences like stock expiration, storage issues, and loss of sale. Point of sales and stock management system provide facilities such as tracking availability of stock for uninterrupted sales, providing a scientific basis for planning an inventory, aiding the decision making of the management to ensure the stock allocation are done appropriately, and reducing wastage whilst saving time. The client for the project, Wathumal Traders (PVT) Ltd, is vending grocery items and kitchen related products. Currently the processes related to selling items are done manually. Hence it is very difficult to generate data to make future sales predictions, and to efficiently summarize transactions to fulfil the regulatory requirements. So Wathumal Traders (PVT), Ltd plans to terminate the traditional methods which are inefficient and go for an automated system. When the manual system is automated, the company will be able to calculate revenue due for every order entered, record the method of the payments, price adjustments and initiate promotion campaigns. The automated system is tested using various testing methods such as unit test, Integration test, System test and finally Acceptance test. First the units of codes are tested and which is called a code level testing. To test the modules of the system an integration testing is performed. The whole system gets tested after the unit testing and integration testing to guarantee the standard of the system using an environment similar to the environment where the system is going to practically used. A customer confirmation is obtained by a user acceptance testing after the completion of the system. It ensures the requirements are fulfilled by the developed system. This Stock and POS portal has the scope of all the main function required for a stock process, such as: .Build point of sales module for the Wathumal Traders, Enable add item to the stock, Get details about Business, Get details about due customers, Upload new stock by using SQL, Download current stock database, Generate reports that include in total revenue, no of items in stock, Custom Bar code generation and return items.
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