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Title: Designing an Online Bidding System for Custom Made T-shirts in Sri Lanka
Authors: Jayasinghe, M.R.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: Custom t-shirts market in Sri Lanka does not currently offer an option in the nature of an online marketplace. Individual companies have different offerings and a customer may have to contact vendors separately. This leads to many issues including the inability to compare product and service standards. On the other hand, vendors face great difficulties in finalizing product specifications from customers in order to do costing for the job that eventually leads to wastage in time and effort. This could make the whole process unpleasant for both customers and vendors. As such it was identified that proposing a bidding system where customers and vendors can meet could make win-win situations for both customers and vendors. Accordingly, the vendors would be able to receive finalized specifications required for costing from the customer in one go and at the same time customers would be able to receive quotations from different vendors without a need to contact them individually. Initial information analysis about custom t-shirt manufacturing was done through consulting, which is a leading entity in custom t-shirt industry in Sri Lanka. It was identified that the over 70% of enquiries received at do not get converted into orders, yet the requirement gets fulfilled from elsewhere. Maintaining standardization on custom made t-shirt specifications, encouraging free float of market pricing, assisting customers to find reliable vendors, assisting vendors to reduce difficulties in identifying the finalized product specification required by the customers, encouraging professionalism in the industry through increased service standards were identified as objectives of developing the developing the system. Among other features, the system includes adding of customers, vendors, collar types & fabric types by admin; viewing and adding orders by customers; viewing and bidding for orders by vendors, along with features to obtain valuable reports. Through the bidding system could expect income receiving from the online bidding platform from suppliers. The suppliers could be given a monthly/ annual subscription fee to remain in the bidding system. The implementation was done using a number of technologies including Laravel PHP Framework, MySql database Management system, Localhost (XAMP Server) On Windows for the server side, and with CSS, JavaScript, HTML 5 for the client side. The system has been tested through several testing methods namely systems testing, usability testing and user acceptance testing.
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