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Title: Online Course for Computing Fundamentals at Department of Industrial Management University of Kelaniya
Keywords: Fundamentals of Computer
Interactive Learning
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2021
Abstract: Information technology has permeated almost every aspect of people's lives. Technology is changing the way people, companies and institutions today disseminate, disseminate and communicate their messages, creating a ubiquitous environment and an accelerated information society. In an information society, achieving a high level of knowledge acquisition and management will be a key competitive advantage. Against this backdrop, information technology has expanded education and added new dimensions of quality to the ever-changing definition of the quality of education. Educators now have to give a second thought to the very nature of learning, and they must seek alternative solutions to learning and development in the light of the rapid advancement of technologies. Teachers are encouraged to make greater use of these new technological developments. Students also face more flexible environments where self-education is possible and enable them to engage in lifelong learning. As the eLearning Project, an interactive eLearning Course for “COMPUTING FUNDAMENTALS” that will aid undergraduate students to learn the fundamentals of Computing and apply them in their day-to-day operations at Department of Industrial Management (DIM), University of Kelaniya. (UOK) was developed. In order to make effective course, requirements of it was identified by conducting needs assessment. By analysing the collected data, it was identified that all the teachers have positive attitude towards developing the eLearning course. By getting support from subject matter experts and analysed data, a syllabus was made with eight modules. When developing eLearning environment it has been used variety of software including different types of multimedia applications to provide a variation of the content to the learner. Articulate Storyline, Adobe Creative Cloud, Audacity, Moodle were used as technologies in developing the course. As the course is designed for the undergraduate, an andragogy approach was implemented. Course evaluation was done to identify the achievements and the drawback of the eLearning project. By analysing the data collected in the evaluation phase, it was identified that the eLearning course on Computer Fundamentals met the requirements of the learners as well as department
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