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dc.contributor.authorBandara, H. M. A. U.-
dc.description.abstractOne of the most powerful factors in this era is Information. You can start the third world war if you have correct information, you can switch ON all the nuclear missiles by one click if you have the correct information, you can make a better world with information. That is the power of information. Therefore ”security of information” is a big challenge. Encryption is the most common approach to secure the information. It is one of the best way to protect them. Encryption algorithms need a ”Key” in order to encrypt data. Security of encrypted information is depend on the Key. With this approach, information is secured with encryption, but everyone misses one part, Security of the KEY. All protected data and information will be disclosed if the key is exposed. Therefore security of the Key is a major concern. Not only the security, sharing and carrying the key are also important factors. This research contains solutions for below mentioned points. • Security of the key • Key carrying • Key sharing Methodology of this research ensure that saved data will never be stolen.en_US
dc.titleSecure Key Storeen_US
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