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Title: Enhance Transparency of Organic Food Supply Chain
Authors: Gunathilaka, M.A.S.S.P.
Epa, L.N.
Jayasinghe, L.C.
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2021
Abstract: Transparency in the food industry has become an essential feature all around the world. This research discovers a way to enhance transparency of the organic food supply chain using an information system by connecting all the stakeholders there. This research has consisted of three main stages namely, organic customer survey, organic industry stakeholders’ case study and development of a PoC. Results of the customer survey show less trust in the genuineness of organic food and they expect more information regarding farming practices. Certification bodies expect real time tamper proof information to identify malpractices. To achieve all these requirements this suggests a blockchain solution in mobile and user friendly system even farmers can use. This research will enhance the transparency by having a proper flow of data while increasing the truthfulness of entered data. To increase the accuracy of data entering this suggest a heuristic rule by using progressive recording method while using IoT devices to monitor the soil condition which facilitates cross check with recordings. Further enhancements can be achieved in future researches in the IoT area to reduce the cost of IoT equipments and increase Return on Investment.
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