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Title: Learning Management System for Differently Able Students
Authors: Balasuriya, N. D
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2021
Abstract: Information and Communication Technology plays a vital role in our day-to-day life so those handicapped people also expecting an independent life like all others. However the prospective expectations within the current infrastructure not lift it to a reality. Even the opportunities were created for students with online learning but there is a gap for visually impaired students to access all its content. What we are trying to find is an answer for the above mentioned problem. Even though the technology is providing a valuable contribution to the online education but it creates some gaps for visually impaired students. By selecting Moodle as the tool we are trying to minimize the accessibility concerns in Moodle and its content. A successful online learning platform must provide accessibility on top of functionalities available in the tool and the various education content available in the tool. Assistive technologies and screen readers are developed to support the usage of tools like Moodle but yet those are not able to cover every single aspect. So the solution which is developed is converting the existing architecture into a form that which can be fully compatible with the current assistive technologies and screen readers. Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind is equipped with devices and technologies but unable to conduct ICT (Information & Communication Technology) subject even because of the difficulty on delivery of subject content to the students who participate for the subject. Research which is conducted identified that there were certain areas which need attention as far as concerning the accessibility and are covered during the implementation of the proposed new system with the aim of overcoming the gaps that the blind community face. Resulting system is satisfying the current standards which are in operation related to web accessibility, and the evidence to the success of the primary aim is evaluated during the evaluation process of the solution. Statistics of marks obtained by blind students for quizzes and assignment marks helps to critically evaluate the solution against the significance of the research. Results of the systems shows that blind students will get the similar level of accessibility like a sighted student. Readers of this thesis are able to gain the idea of the flow of the problem to the solution and the final outcome of conducting this research project.
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