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Authors: Gunasekara, P.D.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: ABSTRACT The past pupils of Weeraketiya Rajapaksha College are spread all over Sri Lanka. Many of them have splendid accomplishments in their personal and professional fields bringing laurels to their Alma Mater. The Past Pupils’ Association of Weeraketiya Rajapaksha College was formed to strengthen the ties between the past pupils and to facilitate the development of the school. As the number of memberships grow larger the administration of association get complex and also the communication channels get less. So this project aims at developing a user friendly dynamic website for past pupils to have a place to share information, make donations, purchase tickets, online membership registration and view upcoming events & latest news. Further project emphasize on implementing a web application for the association to manage memberships, scholarships, donations and events. The Rational Unified Process model was used during the lifecycle of development and the system has been implemented using the technologies PHP and MYSQL. The system had been implemented to fulfill the clients’ requirements. The system was tested by some representatives and finally the system was delivered to the association. The committee and the members of the association have positive attitudes towards the system as it has ease their alumni management process.
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