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Title: Library Automation System For Vidyarathna University College, Horana
Authors: Dilrukshi, B. R.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: ABSTRACT With the changing modern society, people have to be automated to tally with the world. It is really worth to save time to move with the world and to get the work done easily. School library automation system project was chosen to apply that automation to the school library and to take more benefits out of it. The school which selected is, Vidyarathna University College, which is situated in Horana area. The school has a library which has approximately over 15,000 of library materials. The library mainly serves students, teachers and Vidyarathna Pirivena clergymen. With the increasing of the number of members and library materials, the usage of manual system for library may generate number of inefficiencies. Those are data duplication and gets more time to searching for particular item, recording of members, calculating overdue and circulating activities. The proposed system facilitates to keep record of complete information of library materials. Automated library catalog is able to search based on any criteria which user has given. The system also provides easy way to make a check-out, check-in and hold library materials and facilitate to automatic fine calculation for late returns. The system mainly maintains user accounts and manages user activities. Finally facilitate to generate reports based on the criteria. The system was developed using Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) which is a server-side scripting language and Hypertext markup language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which are client side scripting. Apache has been used as the web server; MySQL was used to handle databases. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop was chosen as the interface designing tool in the main stages of the developing. Rational Unified Process (RUP) was identified as the most suitable development methodology. As this is a system with real time that is being expecting to overcome the issues, mentioned in the above and to cover all the necessary requirements. The system has clear instructions to guide user through the system and no special training is required. By validating user input data, accuracy has been achieved. Depending upon the category of user the access rights are decided. The system will meet user needs and fulfill the mission of the library and save the time of the reader.
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