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Title: Web based Gym Management System
Authors: Gamage, K.G.S.T.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: In these modern days people have become so much concerned about their health and diet; it is but obviously that they seek out for gym. The system is developed for Muscle Power Gym situated at Godagama, Homagama. Gym is equipped with all the modern machineries and other supportive items to provide a better service to its customers. So the numbers of members are tent to increase day by day and Gym Management has decided to go for an IT solution in order to handle the increased volumes.Development was carried out after identifying the user requirements by using different data gathering technics to ensure clarity of the requirements. Based on the requirements software was designed and developed in iterative and incremental development method. Software is developed with the aim of replacing the current manual system which was using at the Gym. The system supposed to provide easy access of the resources of the gym to its members while empowering the management process of the gym. Following major functionalities such as member management, attendance management, charges management, maintenance management and reports generation were identified.Access control was achieved with the user name and password. User access levels were also implemented to control the accessibility of the system. The system has the capability of suggesting the best workout schedules that suit to the members while keeping the harm full workouts away depending on the members’ physical condition. The system also capable of notifying the delayed payments and pending services of exercise machines. High level of customization is embedded in to the system where administrator can control the access and appearance of the system. System is developed as a web based application, so the accessibility is high around the world. System was developed with PHP, apache, MySQL. Xamp framework was used for the development. Adobe Dream viewer CS 6 was used as the editing tool throughout. Final product is tested thoroughly and delivered to the end user on agreed date Currently the system is on live in Muscle power gym at Godagamaand the system is used by the members and the administration in a satisfied manner.
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