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Title: Management information system for the National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka
Authors: Movad, C.W.
Issue Date: 22-Sep-2016
Abstract: Management Information System provides information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. Management information systems involve three primary resources, technology, information, and people mainly focus on management oriented information. It presently plays a vital part that immensely improves the efficiency and effectiveness. In most of the organizations globally with the dawn of the Internet and the growth of e-commerce on the World Wide Web, the Information and resource sharing between remote locations have escalated rapidly and has changed the client/server landscape dramatically. National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka is functioning under the ministry of fisheries and also it is an institution maintained the Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture.In the present, Due to manual handling of all the processes, the operations of subjective NAQDA has become difficult over time with its growth. Also NAQDA has not a proper method of keeping record of the recruits which is very important. Currently they store this information in paper based files and they have huge files of these records which are very much difficult to reuse when a requirement arises. These methods do not have any security and anyone can steal this information. As a result of this, getting delay, less accuracy, unable to maintain data, unable to protect from natural disaster, unable to collect data on time. So that the activities of Aquaculture development cannot be able to implement on time efficiently, perfectly and successfully. To do the web Base management an information system data collected easily and accurately in particular time and the data are protected from the natural disaster through back up recovery. System helps to NAQDA to cut down the cost while improving the quality of service. It also increases the speed of the service the latest news of the Government as well and this system has quick reference facility. An officer with access rights can get particular information for aquaculture and its resource by the system. So he or she updates records day by day and also remainder facilities to important activities for a particular Microsoft Visio 2003 as use to implement the system in PHP; Hypertext pre-processor, which is a powerful sever side scripting language and apache as the web server, MYSQL used as the Database Management System. This combination ensures a high portability to the system developed. This developed system thoroughly tests to guarantee a validate system. Through client achieve its goals and objective by managing information strategically and accurately
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