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Title: Secure Smart Home System
Authors: Bandara, A.M.K.C.
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2016
Abstract: This project is based on how to secure power line communication technology in smart home systems. Present-day smart home systems are mainly focused on the reliability and the functionality of the system without the security of the system. Thus this project is mainly address those security issues and giving end to end security solution for the users.Current systems are not using end device authentication and authorizations with the master (central) device hence robust master device can access the smart home system and possible to acquire home electrical appliance control. Additionally robust end device can malfunctioned home electrical appliance as well.Moreover there is a high possibility to leak out a transmitted signal which is transmitting as an electromagnetic wave via the electric power line, and if the data is not encrypted eavesdropper can easily reveal the original message.Furthermore most of the smart home systems are vulnerable to repay attack.Proper device authentication and authorization can be achieved using secure protocol. In order to develop secure protocol cypress “CY8CPLC20” industry approved microchip was used to the signal modulator circuit and demodulator circuits. Protocol was mainly designed and implement using 3 sections such as Device registration process, Generating Cipher text using vernum cipher at the master device and Decrypt the Cipher text message and obtain the original message. For device registration process MD5 hashing algorithm was used to develop hash numbers. Message encrypting and decrypting was done by using vernum cipher at the powerline modem. Replay attack was immobile by including sequence number in to the encrypted message payload.Finally, this project is addressing solution for data confidentiality, integrity, authorization, non-repudiation and authentication for Smart Home environment.
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