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dc.thesis.supervisorCaldera, H.A. (Dr.)en_US
dc.contributor.authorSameera, H.G.L.-
dc.description.abstractThe Business is a broad topic which influences people in various ways. Retailer Business is one kind of classification and in that sales are based on fix location compared to other classifications. The Marketing is the other term that goes along with business and business keeps alive through the marketing. ‘1-To-1’ Ad print is a modernized marketing strategy, which is focused on printing Advertisement on Point Of Sales receipts. This modernized system targets an Ads System, which enables retailers to display Ads, coupons, and/or customized graphical messages to the Point Of Sale receipts on their shops. The Process of printing Ads or coupons on sales receipts has huge back office work and that cannot be accomplished by one night. This process has to undergo several steps and decisions. The sales people who print the Ads need to consider many aspects before deciding which Ads should be printed on the sales receipts. Otherwise the whole purpose of Printing Ads will waste of time and money. To Achieve the best usage of this marketing strategy they need to know when, where and what Ads should be printed. This decision cannot be taken just going through the shops and watching people’s activities. The solution is analyzing the statistical data that was captured by past data. Then again the question arises how we would collect statistical data and make the analysis based on day-to-day transactions. The solution for all above requirements exists inside the Data warehouse. Therefore this thesis is intended for designing a solution, retailer data warehouse, that is to fulfill the above requirement and it will ultimately transform the transactional raw data into meaningful information. This thesis involves that designing Data warehouse and it comprises of following sub tasks, • Design and implements Staging data warehouse for raw data files • Design and implements transaction database tables for Data warehouse. • Design and implements OLAP database – Data warehouse. • Design and implements ETL (extract, transform and load) process. • Design and implements multidimensional data cube for analytical reports.en_US
dc.subjectdata miningen_US
dc.subjectResearch Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGYen_US
dc.titleData warehouse for Retailer Ad systemen_US
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