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Title: Educational Institute Management System For Life Education Institute
Authors: Bandara, N.W.I.S.
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2016
Abstract: The Life Education Institute is a medium sized education institute started in 2006. Which provides high quality extra education from grade 6 to Ordinary Level and Advanced Level students. It is a conventional education institute that educates over 300 students per day. Although the administration has introduced several manual data, keeping systems, when the number of students registered with the institute and hence the classes increase, providing satisfactory institutional requirements has been a problem. Consequently, the current manual system brought many problems for the staff in maintaining student records, handling payment schemes, data redundancy and inability to produce timely reports and information for quick decision making procedures. The Educational Institute Management System (EIMS) is planned to aid in tasks such as registration of students and teachers, handling time tables, handling exams managing payments of students and teachers and keeping better relationship with parents providing up-to-date student details to them and the proposed system will also support to handle student attendance. The system was implemented using the PHP (Hypertext Processor), JQUERY, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (cascading style sheet) with based on codeignator framework which follows MVC architecture. As per the present Software Engineering theories and based on the client’s domain the Rational Unified Process (RUP) was selected as most suitable software development mythology in comparison to other software methodologies. Web based EIMS system which was tested in real working environment was successfully handled over to the client enhance their company business process at the end of the development process.
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