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Title: Implementation and Evaluation of an Alternate Method of Confidentiality without Conventional Cryptographic Algorithms
Authors: Lokuhetty, D.K.
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2015
Abstract: Confidentiality is one of the major requirements in current world of communication. Due to national security reasons more and more governments and adversaries are trying hard to achieve ultimate confidentiality over their data communications and at the same time ability to monitor all other communications. While there are various methods available for achieving confidentiality, due to legal requirements and supercomputing powers, these methods are being challenged day by day. Therefore as a start, dissertation aims to research on the area of alternative methods to achieving confidentiality over an insecure channel for a specified data transmission and to have a working prototype of it. It will go through various already available but non-commercial methods, and try to implement a selected combination of protocol by considering advantages and disadvantages reside with them. While selecting a method proposed by John Rivest in 1998, after a successful implementation, it evaluates the protocol with already available cryptographic methods placing it in the security and performance stacks. The results shows that, while the implemented method has the potential to be a viable alternative in the data transmission field, it also has some major disadvantages compared to existing cryptographic methods. This concludes the implementation to a successful but limited solution to a given problem only viable in a selected niche area.
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