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Title: Digging Mistakes in the requirements
Authors: Jayaratne, D.W. D
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2015
Abstract: This research is about requirement related defect detection, prevention and improve the quality of the requirement in early stage in requirement development life cycle. Require- ment engineering is a crucial part in Software development life cycle because everything developed is depend on the requirement. So the requirement needs to be correctly and precisely documented/mention before start development. If there any wrong information included in the requirement, then it will be counted as a bug in the system. Changing the system due to incorrect requirements is time consuming and costly since capturing requirement defects at the later stage of the software development life cycle makes the design and architectural changes. In this research, a requirement is de ned as a tree like graph and it allows to user to traverse through the graph. Graph contains nodes and node could be a state, user input, System input or system output. for each sentence in a requirement will be converted to small tree like graph. there could be one or more small graphs for once complete requirement. If there are more than one graph, all the graphs need to be connected into together to get complete requirements. All the requirements need to be connected to get full system requirement graph. Same nodes will be used to connect two graphs together. Similar nodes de ned as nodes with same name, same status and the same status type. Once the requirement graph is completed, then user can use the de ned traversing methods to do traverse through the graph. While traveling, user need to identify di erent types of defects could be occur with the requirement and based on the ndings, user need to review and re-de ne the requirement into a better one. Several requirements have been used for this research evaluation and all those requirements were converted into graphs and used the traversing methods to nd the defects in the requirement. Based on results, there is a high chance of nding defects in the requirement which could occur as a bug in the system in later stages. The tour called taxi cab is the one which found most number of defects in the requirements while defects found with the other tours also important. This is a way of improving the requirements in a way that it is clear, precise and testable with maintaining the quality of the requirement.
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