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Title: Information Management System for Maliyadewa Dhamma School – Sri Nagarukkarama Purana Viharaya Kotikawatta
Authors: Amarasinghe, N.N.P.
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2015
Abstract: Sri Maliyadewa dhamma School is one of the leading dhamma schools in Kolonnawa regional Sasanarakshaka Balamandala. Currently, Sri Maliyadewa dhamma School accommodates more than 1300 students and they maintain their students‟ records, teachers‟ details and other details in physical files and the processes are manual. Thus, it was decided to develop an online system for Sri Maliyadewa dhamma School to reduce manual work and make their routine activities easier. It will also help to maintain quality of data and the processes more efficient. Since the Dhamma School has a large number of students it is a difficult task to maintain the data manually. It takes a lot of effort and time to record the data and prepare the reports, data etc. These are the main drawbacks that exist in the current system. Main Objective of this project is developing a system for Sri Maliyadewa dhamma School to reduce their manual work and to make the processes more efficient. Maintain good relationship among students‟ teachers and parents. And maintain good data base about student talents, and there activities. The system was developed by using object orientation principles. The Unified Modelling Language (UML) was used as a notation in designing the system. Several tools such as, smart draw, were used in creating necessary diagrams. The WAMP environment was used as a development environment and Dreamweaver was also used. An user evaluation was also carried out to test whether the expected requirements were met. The evaluation showed positive results and the users were satisfied with how the system functioned At the completion of the project, the objectives that were established in the beginning were assessed. Both, these objectives and the requirements of the client were successfully met at the closure of the project
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