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Title: AWS Datacenter Manager
Authors: Yatawara, D.
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2015
Abstract: Based on various sources, over the last few years Amazon Inc (AWS) has become the leader of public commercial Cloud computing industry where many individuals and organizations tendering to outsource their Infrastructure, Platform, or Application needs that are critical for their goals with complete trust on availability, reliability, expandability and cost effectiveness. This Android based mobile application called AWS Data Center Manager will focus on mobility of Cloud administrative functions over ―Infrastructure as a service‖ (IaaS) which is very critical for data content management oriented companies. This Application could carry potential demand among parties whomever is widely utilizing Cloud based virtual server instances, concerned of business reliability and cost saving measurements together with effective availability verification mechanism of data volume functionalities within the service scope of AWS. In summary, AWS DC manager is capable of monitoring the availability of server instances running in the cloud as well as presenting graph view of system functions performance such as CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization and getting the manual control of server instances like, shutting down, Reboot and terminate functions. Further detailed monitoring of generated data volume’s backups too will be included in the first build.
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