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Title: Augmented Reality Vehicle Inspection System
Authors: Wijewantha, H.G.L.C.
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2015
Abstract: The number plate recognition system plays an important role in numerous applications, such as parking management systems, traffic law enforcement, road monitoring, expressway toll system and vehicle security systems. In recent years, there has been a lot of research in license plate recognition, and many recognition systems have been proposed and used. But these systems have been developed for computers with Closed Circuit Television camera. This project describes the development of an augmented reality vehicle inspection system for android operating system. The system involves two main components: A mobile application and the back end web portal. The Mobile application contents the Vehicle license plate and NIC number detection, character segmentation, Optical Character Recognition and the Driving licenses Near Field Communication tag detection. The application uses OpenCV and tesseract-ocr libraries to generate results. The backend web portal keeps track of vehicle information and inquires in MYSql database. The Goole Map on the web portal displayed the inquire details with the appropriate locations to the web client.
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