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Title: Web Based Stock Management System for Ajax Engineers (Pvt) Ltd.
Authors: Karunarathna, K.M.C.K.
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: Ajax Engineers (Pvt) Ltd is a company established in 1982 in Colombo, by a team of highly trained professionals. Their aim is to meet the demand for high performance architectural Aluminium and glass systems in the fast growing market. They have large number of Aluminium fabricated and glass products. Also they have several branches and stores in Sri Lanka. Until very recent, the company was managed with the manual file system. As a result, the administration was facing problems of a manual system like data redundancy, data inaccuracy and delay in decision making due to unavailability of timely reports and information. The web based Stock Management System (SMS) is built to overcome most of the problems and inefficiencies of the current manual system. This system has provided many facilities such as Received Notes, Reserved Notes, Issued Notes, Change Requests, Current Stock, Stock Reports, Stock History, Location List, Item List, Supplier List, Internal Messaging System Module etc. Also, the web based system makes it possible to monitor the current stock & stock related reports from any location. The system has adapted Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and Object Oriented techniques. In addition, Unified Modelling Language (UML) was used for analysis and design. Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) which is a server-side scripting language was used to build the system and Apache has been used as the web server, meanwhile MySQL was used to handle databases. Since this is a web based system, it could be operated either in Windows or Linux environment. The web based Stock Management System has been designed to fulfill the user and system requirements. The system would assist the management of Ajax Engineers (Pvt) Ltd to monitor and manage the stock processes. It could also help the company administration to work efficiently and enable profit maximization through this newly introduced web based system.
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