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Title: Legal Information Management System For Kularathna & Associates
Authors: Gunarathne, H.K.B.D.
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: It is true that the rapid development of technology has started playing an important role in every aspect of the legal field, from law firm and cooperate practice to court-house operation and document management. Among the huge competition in the law field, Kularathna & Associates has emerged as one of the most famous law firms in the area. The firm has been initiated a few years ago and it is conducted by a well-reputed lawyer in the Western Province. Up-to-date, they are carrying out all tasks manually while managing to keep and protect the documents physically which largely drains not only their time but also their customers?. They are hardly managing their space to store all the documents too. Because of all these problems they required a computer application which improves their efficiency and effectiveness. The new system enhances the organizational efficacy by providing a set of functionalities such as client registration, matter registration, client-matter co-ordination, password protection which ensures the security, report and document generation, time scheduling and reminder facilities, easy access to the internet and electronic billing option which replaces traditional paper invoices. After considering all the requirements in accordance with Software Engineering theories, the Rational Unified Process (RUP) was selected as the most suitable development methodology for the development process to be carried out. This is mainly a stand-alone application. And it is developed using the Java Development Kit which is a modern programming language. Open Source software like NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 7.2.1 was used to carry out coding along with the My Structured Query Language (MySQL) Database which was selected to store all data. It is hoped to give the client full benefit of using this application in a user friendly environment which will enhance the efficiency of their day to day work even with a basic computer literacy.
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