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Title: E-Commerce Website For Master Key Solutions- Colombo-07
Authors: Zumran, H.M.
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: Master key Solution (Pvt) Ltd is rapidly growing software & hardware selling and distributing company having headquarters in Dubai and research and development hub in Sri Lanka. Master key Solution is specialized in selling hardware s and software s where software s are developed in house or provided from off-the-shelf. Specifically, Master key Solution carries out its business of selling and distributing computer hardware s, network equipment and computer software s for its clients in Sri Lanka and Dubai. This project is based on developing an E-Commerce web site for marketing and selling computer hardware s, network equipment and software products through the internet .The main motivation the project is expanding its customer base and the business share in the market with the reduction of much capital investment on establishing new physical stores and Seles out lets where they also need to expend more on employees salaries, show room maintenance and other administrative expenses. So the management proposed for an online E-commerce website where they can eliminate the above mention cost and expand the business to wider market. The E-commerce website is based on four levels of access control such as administrator, customer, visitors and credit card Company. Access levels and functions are well defined within the system for each level of users of the system. Administrator is authorized for managing and administrating the site. Customers can login to the web site for viewing the product catalog, add items to the cart, remove items from the cart, view the cart, edit the cart, edit user information, give feedback, purchase the item and checkout the payment etc. As a crucial feature the online payment gateway is integrated with the website for handling the payment securely with credit card and the Credit card Company receives the payment at the end of every transaction occurs through the payment gateway. E-Commerce web site for Master key Solution is design using PHP (Scripting Language) and MYSQL (Database) along with CSS and Java Script. Adobe Photoshop and Flash Mx are used for greater user interface (UI) design and animation purpose of the website. The system provides information about the product details and software packages available along with the detail description and the price.
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