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Authors: Wickramarathna, K.M.K.
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: Transtel Communications (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2005, to provide the growing demand for the reliable, efficient and customer friendly corporate communications supplier in Sri Lanka. Because of the telecommunication industry is growing faster in the world. The market competition for higher brand for the products is increasing due to the rapid growth of the telecommunication industry. The company currently uses manual file system. But the manual file handling is becoming inefficient and time consuming, when facing to the competitive market in the present. This E-commerce Web Solution was proposed to overcome some of the problems and inefficiencies of the current manual system. It shows the way to cover administrative process such as supplier, customer handling, view featured products, stock management and effective communication facilities to the customers and suppliers, business report generation and monitor the system process from anywhere, are some features of the system. Unified modeling Language (UML) was used to design the system using class diagram, entity relationship diagram and usecase diagram etc. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) was used for analysis and designs of the system. This web solution is being developed using Wampserver. Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) which is a powerful server-side scripting language was used. Apache web server is used as the web server and MySQL is used to handle the database. This system was developed to give a solution for business improvement and other client related processes of the client s that all the client requirements were satisfied with system.
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