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Title: Meteorological Data Management System For Agro Meteorological Station Mapalana
Authors: Sriyananda, R.W.K.S.K
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: Meteorological station - Mapalana is very important for collecting meteorological data using equipment situated in Matara district-Kaburupitiya division was started in 1947s; under the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna as an Agro meteorological station. They dedicate to make sure that station is facilitated with all the required equipment for collect day to day measurements from the field. Although the station has introduced new computerised measuring automated system called Automatic weather station (AWS), takes all measurement in automatically and send to Meteorological department using satellite technology; but manual measuring is done by Faculty of Agriculture for their research and it consist with advantages that hasn?t in AWS. Data management task were performed manually and independently from one another. Some issues have occurred such as human-errors in recording and which leads to the lateness of the rest activities. Therefore, a study is aimed to develop a management system to automate and manage manual measuring meteorological data in efficiently and effectively. The system has adapted to Rational unified software development model. In addition, Unified Modelling Language (UML) was used for analysis and design. Object oriented PHP was used to develop the system also JavaScript and XML web technology were selected to develop the process, whereas MYSQL was used as the database management system. Also Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash were used to create attractive images and animations in web interface. The proposed system was successfully achieved and most of the functional and non-functional requirements of the system were accomplished. Performances of trial runs were proved to be successful and all the users have accepted it as a viable solution suitable for the full implementation. The Developed Meteorological Data Management System (Agro Metsoft) is involved with university students, lecturers and staff of meteorological station- Mapalana. The system handle all type of data and manage them, also provide statistical analysis, view data, generate average values, sending alerts about weather conditions to stakeholders.
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