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Title: Online Recruitment System for Visalingam Balamani
Authors: Sivanesan, K.
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: This project is an online recruitment system for Sri Lanka job market and supposed to be accessible using a browser on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets as well as on traditional desktop or laptop computers. Using this system, employers can post job vacancies and search for candidate workers. On the other hand, job seekers search for vacancies and made themselves available to be searched by employers by creating their profiles. The system provides facilities for the managers to analyze how well the business is going on by producing relevant managerial reports. Managers are able to control nuisance users as well. This system is to be implemented using Java programming language, Java EE and Spring framework for server side programming. Spring framework is used to complement Java EE, and Java EE features that require an application server is avoided to make this application deployable on a Servlet container. Deploying this application on an already rented Tomcat Servlet container is a client's requirement. Jquery is to be used for Javascript programming. Jquery Mobile is to be used for user interface. Eclipse IDE is used to implement this project. MySQL database is used here, but this application should run on any relational database (with very minimal configuration) because we are using Hibernate ORM framework to map relations in the database to Java entities. MySQL Workbench and Visual Paradigm for UML are used to create design for this project. Object oriented feature of the Java programming language was heavily used particularly in DAOs and throughout the project. The project has been completed successfully by meeting its functional and non functional requirements.
Appears in Collections:2013/2014 BIT Undergraduate thesis

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