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Title: Academic Administration Management System For Sussex College, Negombo
Authors: Marasinghe, J.U.
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: Negombo Sussex College which is in operation since 2002 is lacked on using computer based solutions in order to speed up their processes. Since the branch is growing rapidly they are looking for an accurate and efficient solution to manage the overhead of all the ongoing processes. Currently most of the tasks are handled manually such as report distribution, message passing, maintaining attendance, teachers have no proper way to apply for the leaves and there is no any efficient way to analyze student s performance accurately, easily and clearly as well as it lacks a reliable feedback and inquiry management system. Existing registration system and payment management system also suffer from lack of interactive features. The proposed system has the capability of Managing personal information and the registration of users, Managing attendance of students, Managing staff member s leave of absence, Monitoring and analyzing performance of students, Managing internal communication, Managing payments details, Managing competitions details and the achievements of students, Managing feedback and inquiries while satisfying all the other academic related activities. The client-server architecture was used to develop the proposed system and made use of some Object Oriented concepts as well as structured approaches. UML diagrams were used to represent the requirements analyzed and to design the relevant diagrams. This system has developed according to Rational Unified Process model which supports Object Orientation and iterative development. Web development technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML was used to build the system as well as MySQL database management system to handle the database. The developed system will help the school to handle attendance of students, internal communication, staff leave, performance analysis, report distribution etc. in a more efficient and reliable manner. However this system can be further enhanced to be used by the other branches within Sussex school network so that the system would be able to generate reports on a broader level and help the management to get more enhanced information on the entire branch network. The new system has been developed to make the Academic Administration Management processes effective and efficient.
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