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Title: Licensing system For Geological Survey and Mines Bureau
Authors: Maduranga, M.G.M.
Issue Date: 16-May-2015
Abstract: World technology is developing fast and peoples lives are becoming busier. Therefore, for any organization to discharge it s duties efficiently and stay on top in the highly competitive world should adopt new technology in their activities. The Geological Survey and Mines Bureau is a state organization serving the mining and minerals industry in Sri Lanka. It s major functions are the issuing of licenses in mining, trading and transport of minerals. Bureau has great potential to use computer technology further by adopting a fully computerized system in data processing in it s daily operations. The ultimate beneficiary is the general public. Adoption of such a system will enable the staff to carry out data processing faster and with greater efficiency to the benefit of the client. While fulfilling the requirements of my final year project, this endeavor in developing a new computerized system will fulfill a greater requirement of the GSMB by greatly enhancing the level of client-focused data processing. New licensing system covering all activities involved in the license issuing process (handling client data, creating vouchers, printing licenses, sending information s etc.) will eliminate the failures of the current system.. Selected evolutionary prototype process model for developing system will enable incorporating future incremental changes necessary. The most widely used prototyping tool is Visual Basic 2010 and Net Framework 4.0 for using developing the new system. As Visual Studio 2010 supports report generating process as well, need for another software for reporting will not arise. Using SQL Server 2008 Database Design Process supports Visual Studio 2010 and, making it easier in handling heavy data loads. The new license system can be implemented incrementally in real environment and testing to be carried out using original data.
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