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Title: Touch screen for normal PC monitor or a multimedia projector
Authors: Balasooriya, N.D.
Issue Date: 25-Jul-2014
Abstract: Alternative of the mouse click input to the personal computer, in this application uses the touch of human being’s finger on the computer screen to provide the input. There are several feasibilities to do particular case. In fact, some technologies use sensitive screens to develop touch screens (i.e., capacitive, surface wave, resistive). In the other way Infrared touch screen uses X and Y point of where the screen has been touched by creating a grid and sends that information to the computer for processing. In our case, we desire to develop the touch screen without using sensitive screen, but with using the image of computer screen to find out the point of where the screen has been touched and give information to process the further event. To achieve this solution, it has needed two web cameras, image processing techniques to develop images that is captured by web camera and trained neural network to identify the developed image that is feeding to process the particular event. Important of this effort is that can be used on hand PC monitor instead of buying sensitive screen to convert our screen as a touchable one. Second thought of driven for this decision is that to evaluate a projector screen without using mouse click for navigate with buttons easily. So this is only identically and spread over the idea of the way or mentioned this as a concept to create currently using Pc monitor screen or a projector screen as the finger tip touchable screens without using sensitive screen and with only using two web cameras and some data acquisition toolbox, image processing toolbox and neural network toolbox and concepts by using MATLAB 7.6 version. Comparing other related systems this is the most comfortable and ideal way to convert our monitor screen to touch screen and access it accurately and proudly as a rich looking, but little much costing portable touch screen experience with your existing PC monitor or the projector screen. System is structured with five mainly identical unites,  data acquisition unit(Configuring Hardware)  image processing unit  Supervised neural network unit  Identify the event unit  Handle the event and load unit Using this system would be a great benefit for the every person which prefer to use sensible screen in less expensive, for it provides easy and efficient way of managing it. This is report is produced in the hope of providing an understanding of the system and the basic architecture of the system. Each chapter will illustrate the relevant aspects of the project life cycle which are covered in this document. This individual purpose of the development of this system is to provide an idea to develop a smooth and efficient sensible screen to each and every person with less cost.
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