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Title: Leave Management System for Riscor Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
Authors: Gunasekara, T.T.P.S.
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2014
Abstract: Most of the companies follow manual leave management procedures and enter information into record books at the end of every month or session. The administration or human resources departments calculate their employees leave which is a time consuming process and there are chances of losing data. The Leave Management System "MY LEAVE" is a web-based system for staff leave planning which allows employees to apply leave online via internet. As this system is an easy to use, flexible web application, cost of paper work, administration functions related to this and the time will be reduced drastically so that the leave management will be handled very easily by the relevant departments. MY LEAVE system will help for critical HR tasks and keeps the record regarding leaves management. XAMPP is used as a development tool which is a free, cross-platform web server, consisting mainly of the Apache as the web server, MySQL as the DBMS and PHP server scripting languages. MY LEAVE system could operate either on Windows or Linux environments. This web based MY LEAVE system has been successfully implemented considering most of the suggestions from the clients and their requirements. The management of the Riscor Consultant (Pvt) Ltd. monitors and manages all the processes of this system and this system will help to manage leave in the Riscor Consultant (Pvt) Ltd.
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