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Title: Web Based Student Information System for Hakahinna Maha Vidyalaya
Authors: Jayakanthi, W.D.
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2014
Abstract: Hakahinna Maha Vidyalaya is a government school and its student population has increased vastly in recent years. This student information is maintained in a manual file system. Therefore the client needed to search several files in order to find particular student information when and where it is needed. Data inconsistency and redundancy could be seen on the manual system. Objective of this project was to develop a solution to overcome those difficulties. The web based Hakahinna Student Information System (HSIS) planned to overcome some of the problems and inefficiencies shown on manual system. This system is organized in a way to cover the overall administration processes of the school, such as: user registration, user attendance, daily schedules, relief schedule, examinations, payments, and generating timely reports. Furthermore since it is developed as a web based SIS, the client could view the information from any location. Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) which is a server-side scripting language was used to build the system alone with HTML. Apache was used as the web server, meanwhile MySQL was used to handle databases. Structured system design techniques were used on system design and data flow diagrams, context diagrams were drawn to identify system functions. Evolutionary Process Model was selected as the life cycle in my project. According to that, there are concurrent activities of specification, development, and validation. This made easier to better understand the client requirements. At the end of this project a web based Hakahinna Student Information System that met the client requirements was successfully developed and implemented. Client certificate stating the project completeness and usability was issued.
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