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Authors: Jayasekara, A.M.A.N.
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2014
Abstract: Ganepola estate is a medium sized factory started in 1960s. Their main products are namely tea and rubber. The estate has been improved in different ways up to today and currently they are one of the main suppliers of tea and rubber in Sri Lanka. Present work force in the estate is 120. While expanding their business over these years, mostly they have drawn their concern regarding automating the manual labor processes and upgrading the machineries. Management has had a less understanding about the outcomes of continuing manual documentation, managerial processes. Plantation Management System for Ganepola estate is developed based on the business strategy of the founder of Kalani Valley Plantation (Pvt) Ltd. in order to improve performance and productivity. This is a web based application and it is capable of handling information related to all operations within the organization. Main modules included will be Admin, Bought Leaf Management, Bought rubber operation, Manufacturing management, Staff salary, Check roll and Marketing. The system has adapted Object Oriented techniques and further Unified Modeling Language (UML) has been used for system analysis and design stages. PostgreSQL is used to handle Database. Since this is a web based system this can be utilized either in Windows or Linux environment. The web based Plantation Management System is designed to fulfill entire user requirement. The application will be beneficial for people from top management to people who record day-to-day operations. Further it will increase efficiency and productivity of the current processes.
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