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Authors: Swarnamali, P.T.S.S.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: The developed system is a web based hotel Management System, which would help the administration process of the hotel. This system manages its resources effectively and improves the productivity and efficiency of the hotel using the world-wide information technology. This software provided the infomation about room availabity, their features and rates to the customers around the world via attractive web interface integrated with company web site. The staff members of the hotel could also access the system depending on their authentication and authorization level.The provided system has the role of system administrator who will look into all the features of the system supporting fine execution of the system. The existing manual system has many failures and limitations which affect overall hotel goals and objectives.The company management has found that is very hard to handle data manually when the data volume is high with acceleration of the difficult to handle data accurately because of the data lost.Therefore this software is designed and developed considering basically the requirements of Dream Beach hotel. The developed system has the ability to handle the online room reservation, cancel and modify the reservation, check-in and check-out functions of the guest, allocate room, issue guest bill, income analysis, customer and companny employee profiles maintenance,company profile maintenance, generate various reports,define reference and master data, security and access control for the system. These facilities are provided in the system with user friendly interface, so authorized user can add, delete and update the entries of the system and handle all the transactions easily. Object-Oriented methodologies were used in designing the system and Open source technologies were utilized in developing the system according to the client requirement. PHP as a programming language, MySQL was selected as the database software and apache was selected as web server for this system. This document explains how the developed system would handle the above mentioned functional areas of a hotel, and how it would be helpful to improve the efficiency and productivity of the hotel.
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