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Title: Remote Sensing Solution for the Marking of Students Attendance
Authors: Kirindearachchi, Y. R.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: Usually most institutes and universities, gather attendance information of students manually through attendance sheets. In that scenario, each student has to sign on the attendance sheet. Due to this cumbersome procedure in capturing data to an attendance system, both the institute and students face many problems. The Remote Sensing Solution for the Marking of Students Attendance was proposed as an automated tool that can identify each student by a suitable remote sensing device and mark attendance automatically. Object Oriented Techniques and a Unified Modeling Language were used to analyze and design this system. The system was implemented using an object oriented programming language and a database management system. Bluetooth enabled devices were selected for identifying students after a research about available technologies in Sri Lanka. This dissertation includes a detailed description of the Remote Sensing Solution for the Marking of Students Attendance System and the Analysis, Designing, Implementation, Evaluation and Conclusion phases of the system.
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