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Title: ERP System for Sanergy(pvt) Ltd
Authors: Samaraweera, C.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: There is a potent need for the establishment of an ERP system as a solution for problems such as the manual maintenance of purchase order processes and inventories. The increasing rate of inaccuracies related to report writing, employee attendance records and payrolls have further given significance for the installation of this ERP system. Throughout this project object oriented research methodologies were utilized. Hence lower maintenance cost, better quality and higher productivity can be obtained. The system was designed and modeled using Unified Modeling Language (UML) and it is developed using Java Programming language.. The tools used for UML Modeling, data base designing, report designing and user interface designing include Netbeans, Power Architect and pg Admin and IReport for Netbeans. JTables, JComboboxes and Jlists are used to diminish errors during data entry in user interfaces with the system. The implementation of this ERP system brought many positive outcomes which include improving efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing the time needed to manage inventories. A prominent decrease in errors and inaccuracies related to stock issues and misinterpretations of data was also a commendable result. This ERP system fosters fast and quality reporting which emphasizes on analysis of previous information of presentation of high quality. However the system has few aspects which have potential to be further developed. The ultimate objective of the project was to develop and produce an ERP system which proved to be successful subsequently to the formulation of requirements.
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