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Title: Freight Management System for Worldwide Relocation Services (Pvt) Ltd
Authors: Bamunuarachchi, B.A.S.S.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: Freight forwarding and handling industry plays a vital role in Sri Lankan exports and imports. Worldwide Relocation Services (WRS) is an emerging and very challenging company who involves in this industry. Among the hundreds of highly competitive freight forwarders carrying out their business locally and internationally, WRS stands steadily and wishfully to win the market share. Relocating personal effects all over the world is the main business of WRS which is currently operated by a manual system. This is a great drawback in their aim to provide more efficient and reliable services to customers. The proposed freight management system was designed to address the issue by automating the manual process. The entire system was divided into five operational modules. Employees at WRS can use the functionalities provided by those modules to perform the operations namely, user administration, registering external parties involved in fright management, freight job handling and basic inventory handling. Management at WRS can use this system to evaluate their progress in the business. The system was developed according to the three-tier architecture. Concepts in Object Oriented methodology for system design and the rapid application development methodology was used in development life cycle. Unified Modeling Language and its notations were used during the mapping of business objectives to the system architecture. C sharp .NET programming language on top of the Visual Studio 2005 platform was used for the development while the data storage and manipulation was done using MySQL. The system evaluation was done in compliance with the standard evaluation procedures. System is functioning as desired and all the client requirements were fulfilled. Hence it can be said that this new system can be successfully used at WRS to perform their business activities.
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