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Title: Management Information System For Stag Video City
Authors: Kaluarachchi, P.A.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: The idea of developing this system was inspired to provide a better decision making mechanism for the business and to face the new market trend in the industry. There was a lack of financial information gathering problem in the business. And customer handling also not satisfies the business requirements. The investment of this project has been addressed these issues and covered many areas such as supply products on demand, data analysis, customer tracking and system user monitoring. In the analysis stage it was needed to gather information of customer behaviors as well as what are the things in the manual operation has missed. All the other requirements and system logics were based on this factor. Mainly, prototype method used to develop the system once every completion of the system it had to be done a client visit. This system has developed more than up to the level of business requirement. In the development stage this project has used several techniques. The scripting languages are PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and JavaScript. The form building and interface designing have done using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). The main system has divided in to four main subsystems. Such as Inventory control, User management, Teller and MIS Reports. The web server is apache and the database is MySQL. Database design stage it shows Class diagram and relevant ER diagrams as well. This dissertation describes in detail what kinds of problems were come across in the whole development process and their solutions. In abstract this system has given the proper answer to the source problem which was having in the business. Any scale of business can use this system as a financial tool with few modifications and few conversions. In the information era world is growing rapidly. People find many advance accelerations to have standard living. They need to get their job done clearly as well as with good quality. I am glad to develop this type of business tool in this era and I thoroughly believe this business solution will serve to any business which is in the DVD products rent out industry as a working digital assistant for their future business.
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