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Authors: Silva, T.N.De.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: This Software is called Integrated Resource management System which is implemented for S.C.I Computer Studies (Pvt) Ltd. This system was designed to reduce the time of doing the tasks of the manual system such as Student registration, Lab reservation, issuing library books, maintaining stocks of text books and recommended books etc to improve reliability and correctness of each task. There are many new features in this software system than manual system such as analysing student informations and stock information as well as daily, weekly and monthly report generation. Difficulties of manual system were studied well, with similar existing software systems and new system was developed to overcome from those difficulties. So all the functions of the manual system can be done easily and efficiently by using this new system. and MSSQL were used to develop the system and Object oriented concepts were used to design the system. In addition to that crystal report was also used to provide several reports for decision making. The software system developed to run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. So the system can change easily in the future if it is needed. The new software system provides varies final reports such as students who have not completed the payments, student who have not return the library books on deadlines etc as manager and librarian needed. The dissertation is organized into chapters and Appendices. The chapters describe Introduction, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Conclusion of the software in detail. The Appendices describe System Documentation, User Documentation Management Reports, Code Listing and Client certificate.
Appears in Collections:2009/2010 BIT Undergraduate thesis

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