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Title: Web Based Student Management System For Subarathi Mahamathya Maha Vidyalaya
Authors: Rajapaksha, P.D.S.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: Subarathi Mahamathya Maha Vidyalaya is one of the major schools in Godagama area and most of the students who are in Godagama, attend this school. Presently, most of its administrative work and student management were handled manually by the school staff. As result of this the students and the school administration had come across some difficulty on their day to day activities resulting in the mishandling and misallocation of student details. After taking these issues into consideration, it was decided that the most appropriate action to be taken, was to implement an information system that would assist in overcoming such situations. Specifically, a web based information system was proposed, because it offered a broader environment and more future-proof enhanced functions. As a result of using the proposed web based system, the school administration would be able to do their work more efficiently and effectively. The implementation of this system would grant the students privileges to get their work done easily and also offer facilities such as checking their term test marks online, using the web interface. Moreover, the school administration also receives privileges to search student information effectively and also in issuing various school related certificates accurately. In order to develop such a web based information system, proper development steps had to be taken. Therefore, a development methodology such as an Object oriented methodology was used in the design of the system. UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams such as use cases and activity diagrams were used in the process of modeling interactions between users and the system. Open source software was used in the development of this system. MySQL was used to design the database of the system and it was connected to the web site by using PHP. All the processing was done by using PHP technology. Apache web server was used as a server side technology. The chapters of the dissertation document explain the work carried out in each phase of the system life cycle. (Introduction, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Conclusion)
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