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Title: Develop a Single Data Encapsulation Framework for a Multi-application Enterprise
Authors: Devasurendra, G.E.
Keywords: Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2013
Abstract: This project creates a framework to retrieve, inspect and query against the Enterprise Data Model (EDM) of an organization. The model would be retrieved and queried in a technology and location independent fashion. Also, the model would be able to be modified without disrupting the original data structures and the applications using them. The administrator would configure data sources, their entities and attributes against the model, with user privileges for them. Afterwards users are able to view the data model based on their individual privileges.. Also they are able to query against the data residing in the data model using SQL. When a user submits an SQL query, it is split to a set of queries that needs to be executed against each data source. A definition file is created encompassing these queries enabling their execution against the respective data source via WSO2 Data Services Server. Afterwards the data services server would reconstruct a single result set from the data and this would be presented to the user.
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