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Title: Location Aware Mobile Content Distribution System for MOJ Creations
Authors: Amarasekera, K.A.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: MOJ Creations (Pvt) Ltd is a new company in Sri Lanka which has a well reputed name for selling stationary products. The company has shop outlets all over rural and urban areas. Apart from stationary importing, Moj Creations provide services such as offset & screen printing in their chain of outlets. Unfortunately the company currently found it difficult to promote their products to the customers mainly because they did not have a good efficient advertising mechanism. The aim of this project is to provide a system to client, which can promote company?s products or services effectively and cheaper to its customers. By using the new system, client can advertise company?s products details to its customers by displaying information, relevant to each location over a mobile device having access to internet. The system also provides good administrative control over the locations and statistical reports for the management, which can be used to further improve the overall quality of the business. The proposed system consists of two components. A stand-alone application to discover devices and communicate with the web system and a mobile optimized website for users to interact with. The system was implemented as a centralized web application while SQL server 2008 was used for the web centric DBMS. UML tools were used for the analysis and designing phases of the system. Due to the nature of the project, system development is carried out following an incremental development model with the help of Object Oriented Designing methodology. The first chapter of this dissertation explains the background of the company and the need for the project. Analysis of the problem is explained in second chapter while designing and implementation of the project can be found in chapter three and four respectively. Testing and evaluations of the system are given on chapter five. The conclusion and critical assessments of the project are available in chapter six. References and appendices are given as the last chapters. According to the user evaluation and client?s satisfactory level, the system has successfully achieved its main task in delivering location aware content. Some users expected the content to be a little bit dynamic while most remain satisfied with the current content distributed. With minor modification, the system can be used across countries as well, this will be considered as a future improvement.
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