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Authors: Rathnayake, R.R.M.S.B.
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2014
Abstract: The Molligoda & Com is leading building hardware dealing and supplying shop in the Pilimathalawa region, it has now spread it service to Kadugannawa, Pilimathalawa and in the process of implementing infrastructure to open another branch in the Kandy city. With the expansion of the business Molligoda & Com has gained the ability to serve wider audience with the network of distributors and suppliers. Management of the organization has focused to reach its fullest potential of business by implementing a process which is capable of providing both publicity and the business. Ecommerce solution for Molligoda & Com is resulted as a solution for that craving need of the management. This system is mainly implemented to conduct online shopping in building hardware for potential user who has the ability to browse the site select the products that is interested, place order and make payments through the credit card or by money order. Inventory control system also embedded into the system which is capable of conducting basic transactions needed for the system. The system developed through this project aims to assist the Molligoda & Com to overcome this handicap by automating and enhancing the process with a web based solution in order to facilitate the expectations of the management. The system is developed using OOSE. The complete modeling is done with the UML standard using MS Visio as the development tool. After requirement elicitation, the use case diagrams were drawn as per the UML standards and the use case descriptions were agreed upon with the client before proceeding further. After the standard class diagrams and sequence diagrams, the database was designed. Since a relational database mysql is to be used, data base is modeled directly using the class diagram that was designed during the development phase. The entire user interfaces were developed as attractive web pages that will use Java Scripts on the client side and J2EE with struts and Hibernate platforms will be used as the server side programming language. Even the administrative screens are web pages so that the website can be hosted by an ISP in case the Molligoda & Com cannot get a leased line.
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