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dc.thesis.supervisorPerera, H. (Mr.)en_US
dc.contributor.authorSamarasinghe, K.V.D.E.A.en_US
dc.description.abstractFlintec Transducers (Pvt.) Ltd. is a load cell manufacturing company in the Free Trade Zone and currently their appraisals are done manually. These appraisals are done using several paper based forms. Analyzing the employee s performance appraisals using paper based forms is a very time consuming task and could result in inaccurate data. Currently only managers can give feedback on the appraisals. There is no way that colleagues and subordinates could give feedback. Performance appraisal contains private and confidential information therefore securing them from unauthorized access is not easy when it is paper based. It is required to maintain the previous appraisal data for various analysis purposes. 3600 Performance Appraising System (3600 PAS) is developed in order to facilitate employees to get feedback from supervisors as well as from subordinates and colleagues. Several management reports, including graphical reports has been developed for easy analysis of the performance appraisals. Several user types have been designed to avoid unauthorized access. Backup procedures have been introduced for proper data maintenance. 3600 PAS is of four modules. These modules are Employee module, Supervisor module, HR manager module and Administrator module. HR manager module has been designed with the facility to view the status of appraisal forms and related reports. All the important data setups have been included in the Administrator module. The system has been developed using the C#.Net frame work 2.0, SQL server 2005 has been used as the Database Management System. Internet Information Server (IIS) has been used as the web server and it is compatible with Internet Explore 6.0 client web browser. Finally by completing the 3600 PAS Flintec has received a user friendly appraisal system with the facility to get feedback from supervisors, subordinates and colleagues. Many management reports have been provided. This system has been tested thoroughly and can be modified easily even for any other organization for their appraisal purposes.en_US
dc.title3600 Performance Appraising System For Flintec Transducers (Pvt) Ltd.en_US
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